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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Parineeti Chopra - Parineeti Chopra Biography , Filmography

Parineeti Chopra was belong to Punjabi Family.Chopra was born on 22 Oct 1988 at Ambala (Haryana). She was also one of the famous Indian actresses who work in Hindi movies.
About the family members, Her father Pawan Chopra is a business man and her mother Reena Chopra.  Shivang and Saraj her two brothers and Priyanka Chopra is also her cousin sister. Chopra had passing her schooling in Ambala a very famous school convent of Jesus and mary. Chopra want to become an investment banker. She also tells she was a good student of this school. Her aim was become a investment banker in London, She achieve a triple honours degree in business, finance and economic from a Manchester business school. In 2009 she was returned to India and moved to Mumbai and live with her cousin Priyanka Chopra. During this time her cousin was filming for a pyaar impossible at Yash Raj Films studio. Priyanka Chopra introduces her sister Parineeti Chopra. Chopra (Parineeti) dislike actors and acting. Also thing that in this whole profession wears excessive makeup and dresses. But still she imitates Priyanka Chopra shooting at Yash Raj Films studio. So that she like this profession and also motivate for doing this job. At this place Chopra know the true meaning of acting. The main motivator of Parineeti Chopra was her famous cousin Priyanka Chopra. After sometimes she decided to join acting school and quit her executive job.When Chopra told Sharma I was quit her job then Sharma ask why are you quit her job Parineeti answer that I was joining a acting school. So that Sharma advised that Chopra to meet her casting director. The casting director asked her to do a dummy audition for fun. Chopra was in front of camera and performed some dialogue of character of get from the film jab we met. Aditiya Chopra (producer) was never expecting from Chopra when he was seening the video tape. But still producer impress her acting and praise them. Chopra was clear video test and then she was very happy at this effective movement. After sometime Chopra signed three film deals with the production company. In 2011 Chopra was shown in movie ladies vs Ricky Bhai playing a supporting role with Ranveer Singh and Anushika Sharma. The film was achieving a great success at the box office however Chopra’s performance was really appreciated by this film. She also received a best supporting actress award. Another second movie was released on 2012 Ishaqzaada play a first role based on romantic drama. Chopra ply a role very effectively and impressive so that various producer give a different comment on his performance. Taran Adarsh give a feedback Chopra was one of the high spirit drama actree. She plays a very different role in this movie as compare to movie Ladies vs Ricky Bahi. She plays a role of gun shooting. She also works in various advertisement like Kurkure ,Spinz,Maaza and Nivea. The Indian express also call the name of most brightness and talented actress of this generation. Now tell about her liking and dislikes. Food and music are those things which is too much like. She loves eating pizza. She also likes to wear comfortable clothes.


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